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    Police Reveal Money Laundering Cases Regarding the Asian Games Project

    Selasa, 14 Juli 2020, 09:24 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-14T02:24:31Z
     Police Reveal Money Laundering Cases Regarding the Asian Games Project

    BERITASOLO ■ The team from the Directorate for Special Economic Crimes of the Criminal Investigation Police revealed a case of fraud and money laundering (TPPU) committed by the FA suspect alias Ayong. This case is related to one of the 2018 Asian Games venue projects.

    Polri Divhumas Karopenmas Brigjen Awi Setiyono said, this case was reported by Lastri Sulastri, as the attorney from PT. MRU, PT. MBP, and PT. PBBS.

    "Registered report number: LP / 442 / IV / 2018 / Bareskrim, April 3, 2018. The total loss of Rp 8.9 billion," Brigadier General Awi Setiyono told reporters on Monday (07/13/2020).

    Awi said, this case began in late January 2017. At that time the FA alias Ayong contacted the victim Bong Elvan Hamzah as Director of PT. MRU and claimed to get several projects, one of which is the Asian Games venue project.

    "The project requires five rock barges or split stones (cargo vessels)," said Awi.

    Initially, the victim did not want to join the perpetrator's project. However, because of the persuasion and promise from Ayong that the project was very safe because the money came from the APBD / APBN and guaranteed a smooth payment for a maximum period of one to one and a half months after the requested stone arrived in Palembang, the victim finally agreed to join.

    "After the stones were received and the billing was done, several obstacles arose, among others, staff who were usually contacted for payment problems were difficult to contact, then also said there was no payment order from Ayong and did not provide a clear payment time," explained Awi.

    For this incident, the victim then reported to the Criminal Investigation Police. In its journey, the investigator conducted an examination of 19 witnesses and 1 witness reported on behalf of Ayong.

    "Investigators also set Ayong as a suspect in a criminal fraud and money laundering case in accordance with the Determination of Suspect Number: 26 / III / RES.2.6 / 2020 / Dittipideksus, March 31, 2020. Ayong was arrested on June 28, 2020 and has been detained, "Said Awi.

    Awi added, for his actions, Ayong was charged with Article 379a of the Indonesian Criminal Code and in conjunction with Article 3 of Law Number 8 of 2010 concerning Prevention and Eradication of the TPPU with the maximum penalty of imprisonment of 20 years and a maximum of Rp 10 billion. (**)



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