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    Masamba Flooded, Journalists Raise Funds for #FrayForMasambaLuwuNorth

    Selasa, 14 Juli 2020, 09:08 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-14T02:08:38Z
      Masamba Flooded, Journalists Raise Funds for #FrayForMasambaLuwuNorth

    Beritasolo ■  The condition of the city of Masamba, North Luwu Regency, North Sulawesi is currently ravaged by a massive flood that has destroyed a number of public facilities. On this morning, (14/07) the road was flat with water, the house was flooded with mud and the car was dragged with water.

    A number of residents reportedly dragged along very large water currents. Some are in safe condition, but there is also a mother who lost her child because of the allegedly dragged river water that came suddenly.

    There are no more treasures and objects that can be saved, because the accident came suddenly at night and made people just want to save themselves.

    Regarding the disaster that struck the city of Masamba, a number of journalists in North Luwu also moved to build solidarity by raising funds to help flood victims. An account of journalists in North Luwu then suggested #Fray for Masamba North Luwu.

    "Flash floods brought down the Balebo bridge, Malangke was on alert because the water in the Rongkong river, Masamba, Bali, around 22:00, night, July 13, 2020," they wrote in the FB account.

    Following are the calls of the Journalists:


    "Come on, my fellow journalists in North Luwu. Let's for a moment leave all the differences and routine activities, for the sake of togetherness and show concern for our brothers and sisters affected by the Banjir Bandang disaster in this beloved North Luwu Regency ... 😥😥

    We make posts while collecting and distributing aid, and also help residents to clean up the remaining flood.

    The victims also need help with food, proper clothing and supplies for infants and children.

    For help info:

    Contact: 081247417113 (putri)
    Account ID: 4996-01-012616-53-5 (BRI)
    An: Putri Anggraeni

    Phutree Sukriadin Dedhy Budiman Aziz Salim Ahmad Emperor Aksankidsghyna Hidayat Rizal Mutahhari Jusman Mahmuddin Palopopos Chalik Mawardi Awhy Lee



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