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    Police Investigate Child Predators in School Toilets

    Senin, 06 Juli 2020, 17:53 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-06T10:53:42Z
    Police Investigate Child Predators in School Toilets

    Beritasolo ■ North Luwu Regional Police received a report from a predator of a child who was in action in the school toilet, on Monday (6/7/2020).

    Head of the North Luwu Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Syamsul Rijal confirmed this.

    "That's right, today we received a report about same-sex sexual harassment from the victim's parents around 11:45 pm where the victim had the initials AL (15) residents of Pao Village, West Malangke District while the perpetrators with the initials US (18) villagers Tokke, Malangke Regency, "he said.

    AKP Syamsul Rijal continued, we immediately conducted an investigation process to get the truth of the information and for the report we proceeded to the North Luwu Police PPA unit for disposition.

    "The sexual harassment incident occurred around February 2020 in the school, precisely in the toilet and if this incident is true, then we will make a forced arrest of the perpetrators," he explained.

    Meanwhile, the parents of the victim initials LK (45) said that the perpetrators had sexually abused and threatened their children.

    "My child was threatened by US perpetrators not to report this incident and only a few days I found out so that my family and I came to report to the North Luwu Police," he concluded.

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