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    Parenting Webinar at STKIP PGRI Ponorogo, The Smart Way to Improve Parenting in the Pandemic Era

    Selasa, 14 Juli 2020, 15:13 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-14T08:13:48Z
     Parenting Webinar at STKIP PGRI Ponorogo, The Smart Way to Improve Parenting in the Pandemic Era

    BERITASOLO ■ One form of Tridarma College is community service. This community service is carried out in the form of a parenting webinar. With the theme "Being Smart Parents in the New Normal Era", on Saturday, July 11, 2020.

    Community service as a tangible manifestation in making a direct contribution to society, in the form of knowledge that can be practiced in everyday life.

    Parenting has a purpose so that people, especially parents, have an increased understanding of appropriate parenting models in the pandemic era. Through this parenting activity, it is hoped that parents can find the best way of raising children towards their future success.

    The seminar was motivated by conditions in the Covid-19 pandemic. Outbreaks of this virus are spread very quickly to various countries in the world. Many people around the world have been exposed, even become victims and have died.

    Covid-19 pandemics change almost the entire fabric of life. The occurrence of this paradigm shift requires strong adaptability. We must be able to adapt to the new order of life. The corona virus pandemic causes three fundamental changes in global education.

    First, change the way millions are educated. The application of work from home (learning from home) and learning from home (learning from home) changes the order that has been formed with face-to-face learning.

    Second, new solutions for education that can bring much needed innovation. The application of learning at home makes all components move to be aware of technology.

    Third, the digital divide causes a new shift in the educational approach and can widen the gap. Prioritize the procedure of activities with media found at home. This requires parents to be able to accompany children in the pandemic era.

    Seeing this reality, the community service team under the coordination and monitoring of LPPM STKIP PGRI Ponorogo held an online seminar. The community service participants did not only come from Ponorogo and its surroundings. Like Magetan, Jombang, Kediri, Gresik, Malang but also from various regions in Indonesia such as South Sumatra OKU, Nias North Sumatra, Pinang City, North Sumatra, Palembang South Sumatra, and Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan.

    This community service is guided by Lusy Novitasari, M.Pd. Then continued the presentation of material about how to be a smart parent in the pandemic era by Dr. Ririen Wardiani, M.Pd.

    According to him, there are 7 principles of being a smart parent in the pandemic era. Love, example, quality time, rules, positive, empowering, and accept.

    Meanwhile, material on how to accompany children from home was delivered by Rifa Suci Wulandari, M.Pd. He said he gave the view that the house as the main source of learning. The role of parents is very important especially in the pandemic.

    Around 100 participants from all over Indonesia were very enthusiastic. Appear from a number of questions asked. Cutiana Windri Astuti, M.Pd, as a moderator, had to postpone and wait for other participants to ask questions.

    The interaction of the participants with the participants and speakers was so lively and fluid that the time showed 11:00.

    The webinar activity was closed by Lusy Novitasari, M.Pd and jointly agreed to apply and practice the knowledge from the speakers. The science of being a smart parent meets a new pandemic era.

    ■ Agus / Aisha Syifa



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