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    IPW Supports Police Acts on the Criminal Conspiracy in Djoko Tjandra Case

    Sabtu, 18 Juli 2020, 17:11 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-18T10:11:44Z
     IPW Supports Police Acts on the Criminal Conspiracy in Djoko Tjandra Case

    BERITASOLO ■ For this time the Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) gave a thumbs up and appreciated the National Police Chief Idham Azis who moved quickly and acted decisively in exposing the evil conspiracy of the generals in protecting Djoko Tjandra, a fugitive convicted of corruption in Bank Bali.

    After removing and detaining a Brigadier General from Bareskrim, the National Police Chief again removed the NCB Interpol chief of the National Police Inspector General of Police. Napoleon Bonaparte and NCB secretary. Three generals have been removed by the National Police Chief within two days and this is certainly a manifestation of the promoter's attitude to guard the morale of the police.

    "Surely it is not enough to stop there so that this case is complete and can bring a deterrent effect for the generals to play around protecting people in trouble," said Chairman of the Presidium of IPW, Neta S Pane in his statement on Saturday (07/18/2020).

    That is, said Neta, there are five more things that should be done by the National Police. First, immediately opened the Bareskrim CCTV, who was accompanying and picking up when Djoko Tjandra came in to take care of the travel document. Second, what is the motivation of the generals in giving privileges to Djoko Tjandra.

    Third, it is mentioned in the Djoko Tjandra case that there are allegations of gratuity and where the flow of funds goes. Fourth, all parties in the police involved in the Djoko Tjandra case, especially the three generals who were removed were immediately subject to criminal proceedings so that their cases could be processed in court.

    "Because the evil conspiracy case in protecting fugitive Djoko Tjandra is an extraordinary crime," said Neta.

    Fifth, he continued, all parties outside the police involved in giving privileges to Djoko Tjandra, from the village chief to the director general of immigration, must be examined by the National Police and the case resolved in court.

    "The goal is that the evil conspiracy in protecting Joko Candra can be clearly revealed and finished completely in court," he said.

    After that the police need to pay close attention to the PK process Djoko Tjandra so that the promoter and if there are negative indications Bareskrim investigators do not hesitate to pick up the person involved.

    "Only with the hard work of the promoter of the National Police Chief Idham Azis the image of the National Police can be awakened again after being destroyed by Djoko Tjandra," concluded Neta.



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