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    BNPB Discusses Returning Acehnese Residents in Malaysia

    Sabtu, 18 Juli 2020, 16:34 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-18T09:34:01Z
       BNPB Discusses Returning Acehnese Residents in Malaysia

    BERITASOLO ■ Mualem held another meeting with the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), which is also the Chair of the Covid 19 Task Force, on Friday (7/17)

    The meeting which was accompanied and facilitated by Senator of DPD RI H Fachrul Razi MIP was about the technical process of returning Acehnese residing in Malaysia.

    In this month, Mualem along with Senator Fachrul Razi and staff are fully committed to being able to oversee the process of returning Acehnese who are constrained by government fees and regulations in the neighboring country.

    In a technical coordination meeting, Mualem submitted a report after Mualem from Jakarta on Tuesday, July 14, Muzakir Manaf succeeded in gathering the Regents in Banda Aceh.

    "Mualem has garnered support from the regents and mayors in Aceh to prepare a letter from the respective regional heads of the city districts for us to deliver to Jakarta and the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia," explained Fachrul Razi.

    Fachrul Razi explained that at this time letters had been collected from the North Aceh Regent, South Aceh Regent, and the Mayor of Lhokseumawe.

    "We have received some letters from several regents, but we are still waiting for letters from other regents," added Fachrul Razi.

    Fachrul Razi explained the technical meeting with BNPB Pusat in Jakarta in order to evaluate other technical preparations.

    "Alhamdulillah, Mualem while in Aceh had the support of several Regents and Mayors in all preparations from health protocol, quarantine location, Krueng geukuh port to the preparation of regional heads to pick up, but we are still preparing locations and coordination in Jakarta and Malaysia," explained Fachrul

    Fachrul Razi said, that Mualem had received reports from the Aceh Malay Community in Malaysia the number of the first stages of repatriation was 1,499 people with the most details being North Aceh 360 people, East Aceh 283 people and Bireuen 314 people.

    Fachrul Razi told the media to convey the message of Mualem that the people in Malaysia to be patient because the process of returning Acehnese in Malaysia really needed time and coordination of many parties.

    "Amanah Mualem so that the Acehnese in Malaysia are not provoked by negative news, Insha Allah Mualem continues to fight to repatriate Acehnese in Malaysia," concluded Fachrul Razi. (MI / JBN)



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