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    Floods in Masamba: 13 killed and 46 in search

    Rabu, 15 Juli 2020, 15:18 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-15T08:18:08Z
      Floods in Masamba: 13 killed and 46 in search

    BERITASOLO ■  A total of 4,930 families were affected by the flash floods in Masamba, the capital city of North Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi. This data has been recorded at the Center for Operations Control (Pusdalops) of the National Disaster Management Agency.

    Thousands of families affected by the flood came from 6 districts which were hit by flash floods in North Luwu Regency. The sub-districts namely Masamba, Sabbang, Baebunta, South Baebunta, Malangke and West Malangke.

    "More than 4,000 families were affected by the incident. Thousands of houses were also submerged in the affected area," said Head of the BNPB Data, Information and Communication Center for Disaster, Raditya Jati, in a press release today.

    He said that the current conditions there were that PLN was still doing electricity grid repair since morning. The local BPBD also cooperates with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of East Luwu and Palopo City to conduct a rapid assessment in the field.

    He also said about the obstacles faced by the post-flood BNPB Pusdalops. Access to the main command post and temporarily affected location is closed because the provincial roads are covered in mud material.

    "Personnel in the field must rotate as far as 10 kilometers in accessing the affected location. At present only XL providers can be used by the local community," he said.

    According to the Regional Disaster Management Agency of North Luwu Regency, high rainfall intensity is one of the triggers for flooding in the region. The high intensity of rain is what makes the Masamba River, Rongkang River, and Radda River overflow due to increased water discharge resulting in flash floods.

    "Responding to the situation, the local BPBD has conducted a rapid assessment and coordinated with relevant agencies," said Raditya.

    North Luwu Regency, said Raditya, is an area that has moderate to high hazard categories for banjir bandang disasters if it sees potential threats.

    "A total of 11 districts are in that category. The total population exposed to the danger of flash floods reaches 23,402 people," he said.

    Meanwhile, South Sulawesi Province has 22 regencies that are in the moderate to high category for potential flash flood disasters. The total population exposed to a number of these districts reached 281,724 inhabitants.

    Based on the observation of the local Regional Disaster Management Agency, the weather on Tuesday (07/14/2020) is still cloudy upstream of the river. BMKG forecasts based on the July 2nd and III dasarian II and August 2020 still show rainfall in the medium to high category.

    The Makassar National Search and Relief Agency (Basarnas) and the combined SAR team continue to search for victims affected by flash floods in Masamba. The number of victims so far recorded by Makassar Basarnas is 69 people.

    Head of Makassar Basarnas Office, Mustari, in his written statement said that 10 people survived, 13 people died, and 46 others were still in search. Their families were reported to the North Luwu BPBD command post.

    "Reports of victims in the interim search were as many as 38 people in search, info from SAR Scouts concerned about temporary shelter at the Meli Patambua TPA. While the victim's data could not be validated, 3 people in Baebunta District and 5 people in Masamba District," Mustari said. (Tim)



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