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    DPD RI: Rohingya's presence in Aceh as a blessing

    Rabu, 15 Juli 2020, 10:25 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-15T03:25:43Z
    DPD RI: Rohingya's presence in Aceh as a blessing

    BERITASOLO ■ A warm discussion was presented this week, Tuesday (7/14) with the theme of Cross-border Politics (Border): "Assessing the Future of Rohingya Ethnics in Aceh After Rejection of Asean Countries and the Role of Humanitarian Institutions Helping Rohingya Ethnics in Aceh".

    The speakers included: Senator from Aceh, H. Fachrul Razi MIP who is also Deputy Chairman I of Committee I DPD RI, Thariq Farline (Head of ACT Lhokseumawe Branch), Muhammad Ichsan (Student of Southeast Asian Studies FIB UI) and guided by Moderator / Host Mibular syibral.

    In collaboration with the Online Journalists Forum (FWO), this discussion was held by the Focusparlemen Institute Online for two hours with a question session.

    The First Session was opened by the Speaker Senator Fachrul Razi to peel a little history of the initial conflict on the mainland Arakan, now Rakhine is one of the turbulent states in Myammar.

    "In history during the British Colonial period, Myanmar was ruled by the Rohingya ethnic group and has settled in what is now Arakan (now Rakhine) region which is one of the seven minority ethnic groups in Myanmar which is a state, besides Kachin, Kayah, Kayin "Chin, Mon, and Shan. All ethnic groups in Myanmar are grouped into three major ethnic groups namely Mon-Khmer, Tibeto-Myanmar, and Shan Thai" explained the senator.

    Fachrul Razi added, the Rohingya had fled their country because of the cruelty of the Myanmar Military Junta who slaughtered them until they were now suspended and stranded in various countries.

    "Bangladesh became the location of the largest refugee camp in the world today, then in the ASEAN region, especially in the Indonesian Aceh Province they were finally accepted," he explained.

    Fachrul Razi hopes that the Rohingya case will be finished soon by giving the right to worship as well as protection of the Law and Special Territory of a third country for Rohingya citizens.

    Thariq Farline from the Humanitarian Institute, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) added the presence of Rohingya as a blessing for Aceh.

    "Because of their presence among fellow human beings, social beings and Aceh as well as areas they consider to be a believer namely Islam makes them easily accepted," explained Thariq.

    Thariq added, at this time the ACT Institute was focusing on 99 Rohingya Ethnic residents who had just been moved from the Former Immigration Building to the new location of the Lhokseumawe BLK Building.

    "So we are focusing on helping 99 ethnic Rohingya. The availability of food and clothing material assistance that has been moved to the BLK Building is coordinating with UNHCR Representatives and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," he explained.

    Furthermore, Muhammad Ichsan said that in history, Indonesia has experienced handling Vulnerable Refugees in 1979-1997 our country has handled refugees well. "The presence of Rohingya in Aceh repeats the Nostalgia of Vietnamese Refugees on Galang Island, Riau Islands Province," he explained.

    Ichsan gave an example as Indonesia handled 250,000 thousand refugees of War Victims between North Vietnam and South Vietnam which were large-scale refugees of the country to the island of Galang, Riau Islands.

    "At this time the history of Aceh for the Rohingya is repeated again just like Indonesia for the Vietnamese were once known as Sampan Men," close Ichsan. (R-07 / rls)



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