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    269 ​​Villages in West Java with Independent Status

    Senin, 06 Juli 2020, 18:10 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-06T11:10:31Z
        269 ​​Villages in West Java with Independent Status

    Beritasolo ■ The West Java Village Development Index (IDM), which is an indicator in determining the status of villages in Indonesia, has consistently increased. This can be seen from the increase in the status of independent villages, from 98 villages in 2019 to 269 villages in 2020. The status of developed villages has increased from 1,232 to 1,632 villages in the same period.

    Head of the Community and Village Empowerment Agency (DPM-Desa) Bambang Tirtoyuliono said improvements in economic, infrastructure and social aspects were important domains for 5,312 independent West Java villages.

    "How do we improve the village economy, so that the potential of the village can be utilized as well as possible. Second, with the touch of innovation Governor (Ridwan Kamil), we encourage by facilitating accessibility between villages, between regions. Third, we touch social aspects," said Bambang, on Sunday (7/7/20).

    Based on the PDTT Permendesa Number 2 of 2016 concerning IDM, there are hundreds of indicators that determine the status of the village. Starting from the service dimension, health dimension, access to basic education, to regional openness to the economic environment. Thus, improving the status of villages in West Java is coherent with an increase in the IDM indicator.

    The improvement of the IDM indicator cannot be separated from the West Java innovation named Desa Juara. Desa Juara has three pillars, namely digitalization of village services, One Village One Company (OVOC), and Movement to Build a Village (Village Gate).

    Of the three pillars, a series of programs descend, such as Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes), Village Hanging Bridges (Village Heart), Jalan Mulus Desa, Sapa Warga, and many other programs. One of the programs designed is to reduce inequality, poverty and digitalization of rural and urban areas.

    In 2019, the West Java Provincial Government has built 22 Heart Villages spread across several districts. The Village Heart was built to facilitate school access and improve connectivity between villages.

    In the fisheries sector, 1,039 ponds are using smart auto feeder technology. Through this technology, feeding fish can use a device. The impact, the harvest rose from two to four times a year. Percentage of income jumped approximately 30 to 100 percent.

    "We are intensely encouraging villages to be independent and continue to innovate. With the current pandemic, economic growth will depart from the village," said Bambang.

    At present, there are no villages in West Java with a very poor status. Meanwhile, the number of villages that are underdeveloped and growing continues to decline. The status of an underdeveloped village from 326 dropped to 121. While the status of a developing village from 3,656 dropped to 3,290.

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