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    Tobelo residents remain vigilant in the aftermath of the earthquake

    Senin, 08 Juli 2019, 08:33 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-03T18:38:10Z
      Tobelo residents remain vigilant in the aftermath of the earthquake

    BERITA SOLO  - Tobelo residents, the capital city of North Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province remain vigilant about the possibility of aftershocks, after the BMKG announced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake which was subsequently updated to M 7.0 on Sunday (07/07/2019).

    The epicenter of the earthquake is located at coordinates 0.53 LU and 126.18 BT or precisely located at the seabed at a depth of 49 kilometers at a distance of 133 kilometers west of Ternate City, the Capital of North Maluku Province.

    One of the Tobelo community leaders, Jopi Soselissa, was contacted from Ambon on Monday (07/08), saying local residents remained alert to the aftershocks because when the shock on Sunday (07/07/2019) was felt in this area.

    "Residents are worried that they will continue to work while following information from BMKG," he said.

    The Chairman of the Bethesda Hospital Foundation, GMIH Tobelo, admitted that the earthquake shaking was indeed felt in Tobelo, so that the people were on alert for fear of a tsunami. The BMKG was able to provide a tsunami early warning which was declared ended on Monday, around 00.09 WIB.

    "Worried indeed because the earthquake is classified as a large scale, so be aware of tsunamis and the possibility of unwanted damage," he said.

    Earlier, Head of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Dwikorita Karnawati said the BMKG had revoked the tsunami early warning due to the earthquake in Ternate, North Sumatra, Sunday (7/7), and asked residents to return to their respective places.

    "In connection with the tsunami early warning it has been declared ended, the residents in the area who get the early warning can return to their respective places," he said at a press conference in Jakarta, early Monday.

    The locations affected by the North Maluku earthquake, the South Minahasa region and the southern North Minahasa.

    However, Dwikorita asked residents to remain vigilant about aftershocks and remain calm and not affected by issues that cannot be justified.

    "Make sure the official information only comes from BMKG which is distributed through an official communication channel that has been verified, namely Instagram / Twitter @infoBMKG, the website http://www.bmkg.go.id or inatews.bmkg.go.id, Mobile Apps (IOS and Android): wrs-bmkg (user: regional government, pwd: pemda-bmkg) or infobmkg, "he said. (Antara)



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