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    Deputy Mayor of Langsa Invites Citizens to Take Care of the Environment

    Minggu, 07 Juli 2019, 18:12 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-03T18:36:21Z

       Deputy Mayor of Langsa Invites Citizens to Take Care of the Environment

    Officials in Langsa City which included Kodim 0104 / Atim, Langsa Police and Langsa City Government carried out mass service work in Gampong Daulat, Langsa Kota District, Langsa City, on Sunday (07-07-2019).

    In this activity, Deputy Mayor of Langsa Marzuki Hamid, in his direction invited all SKP of Langsa, TNI and Polri to carry out mutual cooperation by cleaning the common environment.

    This aims to maintain environmental health which is an obligation for every individual, besides being a gift given by God to us.

    Environmental Health, according to Marzuki Hamid, must be maintained so that our families avoid disease. Because health is priceless.

    "Sometimes when we are healthy, we forget that pleasure and when we are sick we just realize and feel how health is really very valuable," he said.

    With the existence of mutual cooperation that we have carried out, Marzuki added, increasing public awareness of the importance of protecting the environment in Langsa and I hope we can continue to preserve it, "said Deputy Mayor.

    - Dalimunthe


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