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    Shadow Puppets Show will Color the TMMD of the Kodim Klaten

    Rabu, 03 Juli 2019, 15:24 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-30T15:35:24Z
    Kodim Klaten

    BERITA SOLO - Kodim 0723 / Klaten on 10 July-8 August, will hold the TNI manunggal building Village (TMMD), the 105th Regular Budget Year (TA) in Jimbung Village, Kalikotes Regency.

    One of the physical activities built at TMMD this time is a bridge that connects Jimbung Village with 30 meters of Jombor Swamp tourism object.

    This was stated by Commander of Kodim (Dandim) 0723 / Klaten, Lieutenant Colonel (Inf) Eko Setyawan, during a press conference ahead of the opening of the 105th Regular TMMD in 2019 at the Kakung RM Sableng, Klaten, Tuesday (07/02) / 2019) .

    Based on the release received solodaily.id, the press conference was also attended by Assistant I of Klaten Regional Secretary Rony Roekmito, Head of Community and Village Empowerment Service (Dispermades) Klaten Joko Purwanto, Chief of Staff of Military District (Kasdim)) 0723 Mayor of Klaten (Inf) Sapto Budi Setianto, and Public Relations Head of the Klaten District Government, Wahyudi Martono.

    Eko Setyawan said the success of the 105th regular TMMD in 2019 was not only seen from the success of physical and non-physical activities, but also from how much media support in all TMMD activities both before TMMD, opening, and all activities held until the closing of TMMD.

    For this reason, Kodim 0723 / Klaten in collaboration with the Klaten Regency Government hopes for the support of all journalists in Klaten in the context of TMMD activities.

    Eko Setyawan explained that the 105th regular TMMD target in Jimbung Village included the construction of a bridge connecting Jimbung Village to Rowo Jombor Tourism Object with a length of 30 meters, 2 meters wide and 10 cm thick.

    Then the length of the concrete road is 600 meters, 3 meters wide, and 12 cm thick, the rehabilitation of uninhabited houses (RTLH) is 10 units, making 10 units, and rehabilitating places of worship 1 unit.

    While non-physical activities, said Eko Setyawan, include counseling on nationalism (wasbang) and defending the country, counseling the role of national police in realizing public security, drug counseling, and land certification counseling.

    Then counseling on radicalism, counseling on workplace safety and insurance for workers, counseling to protect children from environmental violence, and counseling to overcome problems without problems from Pawnshop.

    Dandim added that the 105th regular TMMD in Jimbung Village also held special activities such as cheap markets from Disperindagkop and UMKM Klaten, social services for family planning services and free medical services.

    Then on August 8, 2019 after the morning of the 105th regular TMMD closing ceremony at Jimbung Village Square, the shadow puppet show was held at night.

    - Darmawan Jr


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