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    PB HMI: KPU Homework is Not Completed

    Rabu, 03 Juli 2019, 10:13 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-28T18:11:10Z
      PB HMI

    BERITA SOLO - The 2019 election ended after the results of the Constitutional Court hearing that rejected all claims by Prabowo-Sandiaga and ensured the victory of Jokowi-Ma'uf. However, there is still a problem that is very concerned that hundreds of KPPS officers who died until this second still raise a question mark.

    The people are still asking in the ironic condition that the death of over 500 KPPS officers, and there is even an issue that the design of the democratic system simultaneously which is designed is the Constitutional Court, so the MK spokesperson spoke up.

    "The issue of implementation in the field, this is a problem that must be seen and responded to rationally. That is, the solution is not to require other things that are not in line with the constitution, including by blaming the Constitutional Court which has decided on the simultaneous election design," said the spokesman. Constitution, Fajar Laksono.

    M Fachrurrozy Basalamah as Director of the Bakornas PB LKMI HMI confirmed that if the KPPS officers wanted the cause of death to be known for certain, then external and internal examinations must be carried out to the victims, even urine and blood must be examined.
    More definitely, we have to do an autopsy of course with family permission, so we know clearly the reason if they are tired, heart attack and others will definitely be detected.

    Based on data taken from the official website of the Ministry of Health, my country, they have now obtained data from 15 provinces.

    Based on health service reports from 15 provinces if accumulated, deaths were caused by 13 types of diseases and 1 accident. The 13 diseases are myocardial infarct, heart failure, hepatic coma, stroke, respiratory failure, emergency hypertension, meningitis, sepsis, asthma, diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, tuberculosis, and multi-organ failure. Most ages of death victims are in the range of 50-59 years.

    The cross-faculty research team of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) conducted research on the causes of the deaths of hundreds of 2019 Election organizers. The team conducted research in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). Of the 11,781 polling stations scattered throughout DIY, the team conducted research at 400 polling stations.

    1. The cause of death of KPPS officers is not poisoned

    The results of the UGM research team show that KPPS officers die due to natural causes, namely due to a number of diseases. The results of the verbal autopsy found that the average workload of KPPS officers was very high. The impact of the workload is too high and the history of the disease suffered by the KPPS previously caused or increased the risk of death and illness of KPPS officers.

    2. UGM Team finds KPPS officers have multiple morbidity or have experienced pain repeatedly.

    The UGM research team found all sick KPPS officers had a tendency to multiple morbidity. Therefore, the UGM research team recommends that the KPU not assign KPPS officers who have multiple morbidity to the crucial position. In addition, the KPU is also recommended to equip KPPS officers with good risk management skills.

    3. The death of KPPS officers is also caused by psychological factors.

    The results of the UGM team's research showed that KPPS officers died due to a number of diseases. However, that is not the only factor. From the results of the study, it was found that the demands and involvement of KPPS officers were so high that it caused fatigue which led to illness or even death.

    4. The team of UGM researchers suggested the KPU involve students as KPPS officers.

    One proposed by the UGM research team is to utilize the KKN mechanism (KKN) and apprenticeship. Empowerment of KKN students as KPPS officers can be considered as academics' support for the implementation of the election. KPU is advised to try the proposal in the 2020 elections. effective, this mechanism can be implemented in subsequent elections.

    From the above case the Director of Bakornas PB PBMI HMI suggested that the need for a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that was clearer, more detailed and thorough in handling this case and needed rigorous checks for all prospective KPPS officers, should be evaluated by the KPU and other parties. related parties for their election.

    "Like yesterday it was not carried out a correct examination. Therefore for the selection of KPPS officers in the future there must be a clear SOP starting from the age limit until the results of a definite health examination, I emphasize that this health check must be carried out and the results are not only a piece of paper but indeed the examination is checked from the health physically, mentally and mentally to be clear and this ironic event does not happen again, "said M Fachrurrozy Basalamah.

    - Darmawan Jr



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