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    Muhammadiyah is ready to realize cooperation for the nation

    Senin, 01 Juli 2019, 11:41 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-27T15:51:43Z

    BERITA SOLO  - The Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership, Haedar Nashir, stated that Muhammadiyah was ready to realize cooperation for the good of the nation, not for evil.

    "Don't worry, what Muhammadiyah is doing is for the good and enlightening the people and nation for Indonesia," he said in the Shawwal 1440 AH family of North Sumatra Muhammadiyah (Umsu) and Academic Community of UMSU, at the Postgraduate Campus, Jalan Denai, Medan, Sunday. (6/30).

    This Shawwal gathering program was attended by thousands of Muhammadiyah residents from various districts and cities in North Sumatra.

    Haedar said that Islam teaches the meaning of friendship which specifically makes people return to their siblings. Silaturrahim actually looks for similarities above differences including in political affairs.

    He called on the people, especially the Muhammadiyah people, to get together and reconcile the rifts due to differences in choice after the presidential election.

    "Muhammadiyah is a figure of a large Islamic organization and known outside has a strong principle of movement, a good organizational system, charity efforts proven to be beneficial and then have trust," said Haedar.

    Haedar said, to maintain everything that had been achieved and owned by Muhammadiyah was certainly not easy.

    "In managing and managing the Muhammadiyah we are required to be careful and not to be careless," he said.

    So it must be understood, continued Haidar, leading this agreement cannot be like being a fighter pilot who can freely carry out various maneuvers.

    "It's good to lead Muhammadiyah like being a careful and careful super jumbo pilot," he explained.

    Haedar also emphasized how the current Muhammadiyah challenge is very big and heavy, especially related to da'wah and tabligh.

    According to him, the da'wah and tabligh sectors need to be revitalized.

    "In addition to direct da'wah and tabligh, tabligh and da'wah through social media need to be considered, because social media is present as a necessity that we cannot possibly release," Haedar explained.

    "Even today it is a force for da'wah and social interaction," he said. ( YOPPIE)



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