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    Klungkung Regent provides assistance to residents affected by liver disorders

    Minggu, 30 Juni 2019, 19:27 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-27T15:50:16Z

    BERITA SOLO  - Mrs. Ayu Suwirta, representing the Regent of Klungkung, visited two brothers who were affected by liver dysfunction at his home in Banjar Tulang Nyuh, Tegak Village, Klungkung District, Thursday (6/27)

    The Komang Rupawan family (26) and his wife Putu Nunik (25), were the parents of his two children Kadek Yuli Puspita Yani (5) and Putu Cantika Dewi (7), who were suffering from a medical treatment illness that was still being treated at the Central General Hospital ( RSUP) Sanglah Denpasar.

    The arrival of Mrs. Ayu Suwirta was welcomed by the family. In addition to visiting to give enthusiasm and strength.

    On this occasion, Mrs. Ayu Suwirta also distributes humanitarian aid in the form of cash to the family to help with medical expenses and care and to pay for their daily needs.

    Treatment efforts continue to be made by the family for the recovery of their children. The family also thanked the Regent Suwirta for his concern. Now the Komang R Family continues to struggle to treat the two children so that they can be healthy again to normal.

    Ayu Suwirta was concerned about the condition of the Komang Rupawan  family. "Hopefully this assistance can be sufficient to finance daily living. He reminded that he always prayed to God so that he would be quickly healed, "Ayu Suwirta said.

    - Darmawan Jr



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