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    Happen in Garut! Daddy Impregnate His Child

    Selasa, 02 Juli 2019, 15:25 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-28T18:09:13Z

    BERITA SOLO - A biological father in Garut Regency, West Java, had the heart to impregnate his biological daughter. Now, the victim has given birth to a baby.

    Malangbong police chief, Iptu Abusono revealed that there had been cases of molestation. The sexual abuse done by UR to his daughter. As a result of this act, the victim gave birth to a tiny baby in the hospital (RSUD) Dr. Slamet Garut.

    Previously, the victim's mother had long divorced UR suspects, and they lived in the same house.

    "After knowing who the culprit was, the victim's mother on Sunday (06/23/2019) then reported the case to the police," he said on Tuesday (07/02/2019).

    After examining witnesses and victims, Abusono said, the police then arrested the UR. The suspect was immediately secured at the Malangbong Police Headquarters for further processing.

    "We have secured the UR suspect and the case will be delegated to the Garres Regional Police PPA Satreskrim Unit," Abusono said.

    He explained, based on the testimony of the victim that the molestation incident had occurred since the victim was still in school, grade 5 of Elementary School.

    "After more than four years as a slave to the depraved lust of his biological father, the case was only revealed after giving birth to a baby," he said.

    - Iskandar Dumay



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