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    To increase PAD, the Eka Regent will apply the tax application online

    Minggu, 30 Juni 2019, 15:35 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-27T15:48:40Z

    BERITA SOLO  - Tabanan Regent Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti, agreed with the general view of the Council Faction that in the future Regional Original Income (PAD) must continue to be improved, this is in accordance with the potential possessed by Tabanan Regency.

    For that, Eka will soon carry out various innovative breakthroughs, including by making UN payment events, applying tax applications online and so on.

    The Heroine from Tegeh Angseri also expressed his highest gratitude for the appreciation of the Four Ranperda and the achievement of Unqualified Opinion (WTP) for the fifth time in a row against the Tabanan Regency LKPD for 2014-2018.

    "This WTP Opinion is essentially the result of our joint work, all OPDs and all related components in Regional financial management. "It is hoped that in the future more cooperation will be improved to achieve what we hope for," explained Regent Eka.

    Besides that, the Eka Regent also did not deny that there were still many obstacles in its implementation. So to overcome these obstacles, the Regent of Eka emphasized that a solution was formulated so that its implementation could be further refined.

    "In the implementation there are several obstacles that must be formulated solutions to improve their application," added Regent Eka.

    Regarding the "Regional Regulation" concerning recreational and sports retribution, the Regent Eka said that his party agreed with the faction in the council as an effort to improve the service and convenience of visitors, which in turn would lead to increased revenues from regional retribution, said Regent Eka.

    - Editor: Darmawan Jr


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