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    Splashy Lecture by Felix Siauw at Balai Kota

    Kamis, 27 Juni 2019, 11:18 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-20T15:05:31Z

    BERITA SOLO - The DKI Jakarta Region's Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU) Board has objected to a the lecture activity at the City Hall Fatahillah Mosque presenting Felix Siauw.

    Deputy Secretary of DKI Jakarta PWNU Husny Mubarok Amir said that he was not opposed to the implementation of the lecture. However, he questioned why the organizers of the study held by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Korpri) Employee Corps invited Felix.

    Husny stressed that NU, Muhammadiyah, and other mass organizations had agreed on Pancasila as the final value as the foundation of nation and state.

    "We are worried that the lecture will provoke emotions from others, especially NU," Husny said.

    Despite the rejection, Chaidir, Head of DKI Jakarta Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) said that the Felix Siauw the lecture was still held. According to him, there was no discussion that contradicted the Pancasila in the lecture.

    "The lecture was normal, only related to spiritual issues. There was no connection with things," Chaidir said on Wednesday (6/26/2019).

    Felix claims that he actually wants to be invited to a discussion by NU GP Banser, but the situation is not possible.

    "I have said, Ansor friends, I am open to be invited to a discussion, depending on if they want discussion. But if for example they do not want discussion, it can be asked to them," Felix Siauw told reporters on Wednesday (6/26/2019) .

    Previously, the poster of Felix Siauw's study had been excited because it was uploaded on the official account of the Fatahillah Mosque in DKI City Hall, Tuesday (6/25). The lecture was then busy discussed on social media. (Farizal Tito)


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