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    Peaceful message from the city of Solo

    Kamis, 27 Juni 2019, 13:06 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-20T15:08:19Z

    BERITA SOLO - Thousands of TNI-Polri personnel and community representatives (mass organizations) ate together at Manahan Plaza, Jalan Adi Sucipto, Solo City, on Wednesday (6/26/2019) afternoon.

    They sit on mats along the road, while eating traditional rice (urap), such as tempe bacem, bothok, hard-boiled eggs and peaches.

    "The meal with the TNI-Polri and the people of Central Java is great!" exclaimed the man in TNI - Polri uniform.

    The program was one of a series of joint prayer meetings for the country organized by the Central Java Regional Police, Kodam IV / Diponegoro and the Central Java Provincial Government.

    The Central Java Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Rycko A Dahniel said that the event could be said to be an active military-police gathering after Ramadan.

    "At the same time, from the city of Solo, we convey a message of peace, peaceful Solo, peaceful Central Java, a peaceful Indonesia. Indonesia rejects all forms of violence, Indonesia which rejects all forms of riots," Rycko said.

    The former Governor of the Police Academy appreciated the people of Central Java who were able to maintain peace after the implementation of the 2019 Election.

    According to him, the people of Central Java should be emulated and imitated, especially in maintaining the condition of public order.

    while Commander IV Diponegoro, Maj. Gen. TNI Muhammad Effendi added that the joint prayer event was also a form of anticipation to reduce mass movements to Jakarta, especially to the Constitutional Court. (Indah Wahyuni)


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