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    Night entertainment entrepreneurs complain about taxes

    Kamis, 27 Juni 2019, 20:42 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-24T09:54:23Z

    BERITA SOLO - The Jakarta Entertainment Entrepreneurs Association (Asphija) complained about the night entertainment tax. For this reason, the businessmen asked DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan to reduce the value of taxes that are currently very high.

    According to Asphija, the tax issue refers to the DKI Jakarta Regional Regulation Number 10 of 2015. Hana considers the government to act discriminately in viewing night entertainment venues. Even though not all nightspots are negative.

    "For example, massage parlors that consist of various types of massage, ranging from traditional massage, reflection, to a spa that does not lead to negative activities at all," Hana said.

    However, he said, the government imposed the same tax provisions on them, which is 35 percent, Hana said, adding that the regional regulations governing the amount of the tax were revised to ease the burden on employers.

    In the near future, Asphija wants to meet the Jakarta DPRD to discuss the tax that must be paid by night entertainment entrepreneurs. "Because the regional regulations are indeed obsolete and must be repaired. All policies must be evaluated, "said Hana.

    According to him, the evaluation of regional regulations is important because it feels there is no reason for the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to raise large taxes on night entertainment entrepreneurs.

    The implementation of high taxes, said Hana, actually triggered a number of entrepreneurs to do negative things to seek more income. This condition must be observed by the government.

    "Entertainment entrepreneurs generally claim to be overwhelmed by the amount of tax that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has applied to us," he complained.

    Writing by Dewi Untari
    Editing by Darmawan Jr


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