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    KAMMI Refuses to Share the Power of Jokowi-Ma'ruf

    Jumat, 28 Juni 2019, 21:34 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-26T06:40:22Z

    BERITA SOLO - The General Election Commission (KPU) will appoint Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amien as the elected president and vice presidential candidate pair through an open plenary meeting to elect elected candidates held on Sunday (06/30/2019).

    This determination will later make Joko Widodo and Ma'ruf Amien elected President and Vice President 2019-2024.

    The Indonesian Muslim Student Action Unit (KAMMI), which is one of the largest student organizations in Indonesia, pledged to oversee the Jokowi-Ma'ruf government.

    According to KAMMI General Chairperson Irfan Ahmad Fauzi, Muslim students have a responsibility as a means of controlling the elected government to implement policies in accordance with the mandate of the Law and the Constitution.

    "We will continue to supervise and supervise the government of Pak Jokowi and KH Ma'ruf. This has become our responsibility as youth and students in Indonesia. We will refuse if there is a division of power," Irfan said in a written statement to the media on Friday 28 June 2019.

    "The composition of the cabinet should be filled by professional and competent people. It's time for Pak Jokowi to end his political position in his circle," Irfan added.

    Reporter by Bagas Ariyanto
    Editing by Darmawan Jr


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