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    8 Soldiers of the 123 / Rajawali Battalion Participate in the Operation of the Territorial Task Force

    Sabtu, 29 Juni 2019, 19:45 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-27T15:46:35Z

    BERITA SOLO  - Danyonif 123 / Rajawali, Lt. Col. Inf Rooy Chandra Sihombing, led the ceremony for the departure of eight Soldiers for the operation of the Territorial Task Force on Saturday (06/29/2019). The ceremony was held at Mako Yonif 123 / Rajawali Field, Padangsidimpuan City, North Sumatra Province.

    This territorial apparatus unit from 123 / RW Battalion is an assignment unit that will be alert for three territorial areas in the XVI / Pattimura Military Area, XVII / Cendrawasih Kodam, and XVIII / Kasuari Kodam.

    "The 123 / Rajawali Infantry Battalion sent eight personnel to meet the Soldiers' needs for the territorial apparatus unit," Danyonif said in his direction.

    Danyonif reminded, Soldiers of the 123 / RW Battalion Territorial Task Force in the assignment area, must appear as Soldiers by Sapta Marga ", Warrior Soldiers and Professional Soldiers who hold fast to soldier norms, and are highly disciplined.

    "It is a pride for Soldiers to get the opportunity and trust to carry out operations. Because not all Soldiers get this trust and honor," he explained.

    Danyonif advised the personnel who left for the assignment, to always be guided by Sapta Marga, Oath of Soldiers and 8 Mandatory TNI in carrying out their duties, especially in approaching residents.

    "Learn deeply about the customs and habits of the people in the assignment area. Then, immediately do adaptations once they are in the assignment and understand the culture, conditions and seize the sympathy and heart of the people, so that the TNI-People is united without forgetting vigilance and not easily provoked by all forms of provocation, "said Danyonif.

    At the end of his mandate, Danyonif and his extended family of 123 / RW Infantry Battalion congratulated him on the 8 Territorial Task Force Soldiers.

    "Keep the good name of the unit back and hopefully we will always be given guidance and guidance from God in continuing our dedication to the Indonesian nation and country that we love," concluded Danyonif 123 / RW.

     Editing by Darmawan Jr



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