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    General Radar Vocational School Education Opened in Solo

    Sabtu, 29 Juni 2019, 11:47 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-27T15:45:40Z

    BERITA SOLO - Commander of the Air Force Adi Soemarmo Colonel Adrian P. Damanik, ST, representing the Military Command Commander and First Marshal Dyah Yudanardi, acting as Inspector of Ceremony at the Opening Ceremony of the 41st Radar Public Vocational School in Mohammad Iwan Skadik Room 404 Adi Airport Soemarmo, Friday (6/28).

    The Kodiklatau Commander said that this education aims to provide knowledge, skills and behavior attitudes of the Indonesian Air Force soldiers so that they can serve as assistants in the field of general radar with "sapta marga" spirits and warriors' oaths and having good body.
    "The promise of the student you just said should not only be a symbol, but must be accompanied by an act of awareness and sincerity to carry out all that you have said," stressed Dankodikl or.

    Furthermore, Dankodikl said that he must follow and obey all rules and regulations that apply in the educational institution. If it is proven that there are students who commit violations, of course the person concerned will be sanctioned according to the level of error committed.

    "To the students to immediately adjust to the educational environment, and take part in this education with enthusiasm and earnestness so that in the future it can become a professional, militant and innovative soldier," concluded Dankodikl or

    General Radar Vocational School Education was attended by 25 students held at the Education Squadron of 402 Adi Soemarmo Field for five months.

    Present at the opening ceremony of this education were Heads of Service, Depohar 50 officials, Scadic Commander and Chiefs / Head of Kasi in the Adi Soemarmo Air Base.

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