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    The Government Will Build Houses for Flood Victims in Masamba

    Jumat, 17 Juli 2020, 07:13 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-17T00:13:11Z
     The Government Will Build Houses for Flood Victims in Masamba

    BERITASOLO ■ The Governor of South Sulawesi, Nurdin Abdullah, gave good news to victims of the Masamba flash flood. The plan is for a temporary shelter for victims of the flash flood disaster to be built soon.

    This was revealed by Nurdin when reviewing the location affected by the flood and the place of refuge for residents affected by flash floods, on Thursday (07/16/2020).

    "We will soon build a temporary residential house together with the North Luwu Government and the TNI-Polri," Nurdin said.

    The construction of temporary shelters for disaster victims is the most urgent thing the government has to do so that victims can be a little better. Referring to the North Luwu Regent's report, Nurdin will seek clean water, complete with MCK facilities.

    "We will try to become citizens' needs, including other basic needs. Moreover, I see a lot of aid coming in, "he explained.

    What was conveyed by the number one person in South Sulawesi was immediately responded quickly by the Regent of North Luwu.

    "We have prepared land for the construction of temporary housing, type 36 with two rooms. There will also be portable toilets, "said the Regent of Indah Putri Indriani. Where is the location? The Regent said the location had been prepared in Radda Village.

    Regarding the number of houses to be built, the first female Regent in South Sulawesi said, her office would continue to collect data. Because, he said, the most important will be those who fled in emergency tents. (Irdayanti)

    Photo; North Luwu Public Relations Doc



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