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    The bodies of ABK were evacuated by officers from the China Fishing Vessel Freezer

    Kamis, 09 Juli 2020, 23:39 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-09T16:39:39Z
     The bodies of ABK were evacuated by officers from the China Fishing Vessel Freezer

    Beritasolo ■ Joint officer captures two Chinese-flagged fishing vessels in which many Indonesian workers are employed. Of the 22 Indonesian citizens, one person was found dead, his body was stored in a freezer to preserve fish on the ship.

    Previously information circulated in the social media that showed ABK WNI was carrying the body of his colleague. Finally the TNI / Polri along with other agencies traced this information.

    Moreover, the issue of modern slavery on Chinese fishing vessels is being warmly discussed in the country, after the video of the banning of the body some time ago.

    Danlantamal IV Tanjungpinang Colonel Laut (P) Indarto Budiarto explained, the arrest process began when the Head of the regional BIN (Kabinda) informed the Riau Islands Police regarding news from the family of one of the crew members that his family could not be contacted.

    "Allegedly there was persecution resulting in the death of the person concerned," Indarto said.

    Furthermore, officers received information that the ships Lu Huang Yuan Yu 118 and Lu Huang Yuan Yu 117 1 crossed the waters of Nipah Island, the Transit around the waters and immediately carried out insulation.

    "There was a chase. The ship had almost entered Singapore waters, but officials had asked permission. We captured the ship and brought it here (Lanal Batam) for further inspection, "Indarto said.

    The examination was carried out because there were alleged acts of persecution, money laundry and human trafficking.

    "It will be checked by the Riau Islands Police and Immigration, including whether there are drugs," he said.

    As for the victims themselves, Indarto said that his body was put in a cold room.

    "The body has not been thrown away, so there is evidence. The condition of the body is still intact, "said Indarto.

    The combined officers consisted of the Karimun Police Satpolair, the Karimun Polres, and the Ditpolairud Riau Islands Police, Lanal Batam, KPLP, Bakamla Kepri, DJBC Kepri.

    "We are helping to pursue, lowering the Polairud and the Criminal Police Chief of Karimun," said Karimun Police Chief, AKBP Muhammad Adenan, Wednesday (07/08/2020).

    From information, the body of Indonesian citizen on behalf of Hasan Afriandi from Lampung. Hasan is known to have died since June 20, 2020 and his body was kept in the freezer of the Lu Huang Yuan Yu 118 Ship.

    "The body was stored in a freezer on one of the ships. From the information of fellow victims on the ship, he died of lung disease," said Adenan. (Source: kumparan)



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