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    Offer Lower Land Prices for Foreign Companies to Become Polemic

    Sabtu, 04 Juli 2020, 03:31 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-03T20:31:19Z
      Offer Lower Land Prices for Foreign Companies to Become Polemic

    BERITA SOLO - President Joko Widodo's statement that offered cheaper land prices for foreign companies wishing to invest in Indonesia was reaping a polemic.

    MUI Deputy Secretary General, Ustadz Tengku Zulkarnain said the policy would have an impact on residents. They will become laborers in their own country.

    "Selling cheap land to investors? There is no pride in that. The end of the nation's children will become KULI working there," he wrote on the Twitter account @ustadtengkuzul, on Thursday night (2/7/2020).

    He asked the government to look for innovations or policy breakthroughs that were pro-people. "Why not think and try to find another breakthrough that is more dignified for the pride of the children and grandchildren ...? Habits so coolies should not be taken ...?" he continued.

    Therefore, President Jokowi's request to his ranks and regional government to facilitate foreign investors must be studied carefully, said Zulkarnain.

    "Panic ... Panic ... Panic ... Land is cheap to sell to foreign investors ...? That land is not inherited from your ancestors, you want to sell it cheaply to foreigners, "he stressed.

    Previously, Jokowi wanted land prices to be cheaper than other countries so Indonesia would not lose competitiveness.

    "If they (other countries) provide land prices for example 500,000, we have to be below that. 300,000 for example. If they give land prices of 1 million, yes we give prices of 500,000," Jokowi was quoted as saying from the YouTube account of the Presidential Secretariat.

    Jokowi said, in this industrial area about 4,000 hectares of land would be prepared. For the first phase, approximately 450 hectares will be prepared.

    He also ensured that the area was ready to accommodate foreign industries that wanted to invest in Indonesia.



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