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    Enhancing Professionalism of IWO Soppeng Holds Internal Discussion

    Kamis, 09 Juli 2020, 01:36 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-08T18:36:36Z
      Enhancing Professionalism of IWO Soppeng Holds Internal Discussion

    Beritasolo ■ The Soppeng Regency Online Journalists Association held an internal discussion at the Soppeng PD-IWO Secretariat on Pemuda No.113 Watansoppeng, (07/08/2020).

    The activities carried out by IWO Soppeng's Cadre Organization and Membership Organization (OKK), in the context of increasing human resources, especially for members who are members of PD-IWO Soppeng in order to increase knowledge and skills that are the demands of professionalism in the field of journalism, also understanding the Law Electronic law (ITE Law).

    Head of the IWO OKK Kabag committee Soppeng Andi Tahang said, the purpose of this event was to strengthen the organization, and provide understanding, to all members in reporting to educate the public.

    Meanwhile, IWO Chair Andi Mul in his remarks said, as the Chairman of the IWO I appreciated the OKK Coordinator IWO Soppeng as the organizing committee for the implementation of this event.

    "Although simple, but the meaning is extraordinary, hopefully this activity will further strengthen the motivation of your friends in presenting good and educating news and easily understood by the public and presumably Mr. Kadis Kominfo Sopppeng is pleased to open this event," said Andi Mull.

    Kadis Kominfo Soppeng Drs. Sarianto. Msi in his speech conveyed greetings from the Regent Soppeng H. Andi Kaswadi Razak. SE, to all Members of IWO Soppeng, and as the Head of the Communication and Information Agency and personally appreciate this event.

    Kadis Kominfo said, he considered the activities carried out by IWO Soppeng were very important and strategic in order to increase the capacity and professionalism of journalist friends, he said

    According to him, information technology has become a means and contributed greatly to society as well as an effective communication tool so that its utilization is certainly done wisely.

    He added, the presence of online media as a means of information and education for the community is certainly increasingly needed through reporting quickly, accurately and proportionally by upholding the journalist code of ethics.

    He hopes that the partnership that has existed between IWO Soppeng and Soppeng Regency Government will continue to run well in guarding the development process in BumiLatemmamala that we both love, with this I officially open the internal discussion activities of IWO Soppeng, he said later.

    The program continued with the presentation by the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Soppeng AKP. Amri A.Md. S.M. brought a session to understand the ITE Law, which was arranged by questions and answers and discussions, which was moderated by Jufri. S. Kom OKK member PD-IWO Soppeng.

    AKP Amri was able to appreciate the IWO Soppeng event, he said, the media were the fourth pillar and part of the Republic of Indonesia.

    "As a law enforcer I provide knowledge and understanding related to the ITE Law and Hopefully the discussion that we do can add insight to fellow journalist IWO Soppeng," concluded Akp Amri.

    In this activity still pay attention to health protocols, such as using masks and applying Physical Distancing to avoid transmission of the Corona virus. (A2M)



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