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    Dozens of Bali Reporters Conduct Rapid Tests

    Minggu, 05 Juli 2020, 01:49 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-04T18:49:33Z
     Dozens of Bali Reporters Conduct Rapid Tests

    BERITASOLO - Dozens of journalists conducted a rapid test facilitated by the Bali Provincial Communication and Information Agency and the Bali Provincial Health Office at Wantilan Kertha Sabha, the Governor's Office, on Saturday (4/7).

    "We from Diskominfos have the capacity to remember these journalists because their mobility is very high, so this rapid test is very important to be done for mutual safety and comfort," said Head of the Bali Provincial Communication and Information Office, Gede Pramana.

    There were 6 officers from Labkes Province of Bali who conducted rapid tests led by Nyoman Kenyem.

    Gede Pramana said that he was relieved and grateful that the examination results were all non-active.

    He appealed to the public, especially journalists, to be disciplined in following health protocols, wearing masks, washing hands, keeping a distance and avoiding crowds.

    "Soon we will go towards the implementation of a new era of Balinese society that is productive and safe, co-19th. So the community must discipline the health protocol," he advised.

    The reporters who took the rapid test claimed to be relieved. They thanked them for facilitating this rapid test.

    One journalist, Komang Suparta from LKBN Antara, said that the rapid test was very good.

    "Thank you for facilitating the rapid test and the results are all negative. We will continue to follow the government's call for discipline in implementing health protocols," he said.

    Meanwhile, Agus Hendra from Pos Bali assessed that this rapid test was an attempt by the Bali Provincial Government to conduct an initial screening, ensuring there were no new clusters of press workers.

    "If it reaches a positive press worker, the public's right to get news is certainly disturbed. In addition, this rapid test activity is very helpful for journalists," Agus Hendra said. (R-01 / rls)



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