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    Covid-19 Patients Increase, Central Java Governor Offers 2 Options

    Selasa, 07 Juli 2020, 22:56 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-07T15:58:22Z
     Covid-19 Patients Increase, Central Java Governor Offers 2 Options

    BERITASOLO ■ Covid-19's positive increase is feared by a number of hospitals in the Greater Semarang area. They worry, the ICU space that is not enough to accommodate positive patients Covid because ICU needs for patients with other diseases is also quite large.

    Some hospitals admit that their ICU room is full and some patients don't get it even though they really need it. They need a solution to deal with, so that service is not disrupted.

    Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo offers, there are two alternatives to choose from. First, offering a Covid-19 specialty hospital, Bung Karno Hospital in Solo. Second, the hospital in Semarang Raya held an ICU social gathering.

    "The second solution is the most feasible solution. It can be realized immediately," Ganjar said when holding a meeting with the management of the Covid-19 referral hospital, in the Central Java Governor's Office's meeting room, Tuesday (7/7).

    The choice was made because to create a special hospital for patients with Covid-19, the required facilities were very large as well as the costs. If each hospital adds one ICU room, in turn the availability will increase. (Fitri Anggreani /Hms)



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