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    25 Medics at Moewardi Hospital Solo Reactive Covid-19

    Minggu, 12 Juli 2020, 03:19 WIB Last Updated 2020-07-11T20:19:56Z
     25 Medics at Moewardi Hospital Solo Reactive Covid-19

    Beritasolo ■ Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo said the results of the rapid test said there were 25 medical personnel at the Covid-19 reactive Solo Moewardi Hospital.

    "Today has been dirapid test, and there is a reactive. I ask for PCR and the results don't know yet. The report that came in, there were 25 health workers who were rapid and there were reactive. Now we are taking action, "said Ganjar, on Saturday (07/11/2020).

    From the results of preliminary checks, Ganjar received a report that the suspected Covid-19 transmission at the Moewardi Regional Hospital occurred from outside the hospital. In fact, the medical personnel in charge of handling Covid-19 are all safe, because the procedures are very strict.

    "It is suspected that contracting from outside, if the one handling this (Covid-19) is safe. But who must be careful when outside. "If then, from outside, we will continue to be taken to hospital, unconsciously associated with many people, then that potential can happen," he explained.

    Regarding the case, Ganjar ensured that his office had taken corrective steps. In addition to tightening contact tracing, hospitals also reduce non-medical employees by 50 percent and reduce the number of patient visits.

    "We also ask that the education capacity of young doctors and residents be reduced. We ask for more stringent health protocols including limiting employees and the number of visitors, "he said.

    Regarding the steps to be taken by 25 health workers at Moewardi Regional Hospital, Ganjar is still waiting for the PCR results.

    "These are all doctors, surely they understand whether they will be treated or isolated. If they later have symptoms, they must be treated, but if without symptoms, treatments can be done in the right ways, "he said.

    Meanwhile, Central Java Public Relations through @humasjateng said, five heirs of health workers in Central Java who died while handling Covid-19 patients received awards and compensation.

    "This is a form of respect from the government. At this time, let's work together to implement a health protocol so that the pandemic ends soon," he chirped.



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