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    TNI Information Center Holds Refinement of Journalistic Photographers

    Selasa, 02 Juli 2019, 00:02 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-28T18:06:43Z

    Journalistic Photographers

    BERITA SOLO - Deputy Head of Information Center (Wakapuspen) TNI, Laksma TNI Tunggul Suropati, representing Kapuspen TNI Maj. Gen. Sisriadi officially opened the Diklat of Journalistic Photographers for Fiscal Year 2019, which was attended by 20 participants (AD, AL, AU), located at Puspen TNI Journalist Center, TNI Headquarters, Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Monday (1/7/2019).

    In his remarks, the Head of the TNI Headquarters read out by Laksma TNI Tunggul Suropati said that faced with the demands of a growing task, the Puspen TNI was obliged to foster and improve the quality of information personnel both at the central and regional levels along with technological developments and advancements.

    According to Maj. Gen. Sisriadi, upgrading participants really needed knowledge about photo cameras according to current technological developments, both knowledge of shooting techniques, and the use of various types of photo camera equipment to produce quality images.

    "To the teaching staff to be able to transfer knowledge and valuable experience that has been held so far to the participants of the training," he hoped.

    Furthermore, it was said that the upgrading of journalistic photographers carried out during this full month will be educated and nurtured to become a professional photographer.

    According to him, the work of qualified photographers will be able to reveal a lot of news even though without words and vice versa the work of photographers can also reduce the value of a news if the image shown is poor and meaningless.

    "The implementation of journalistic photographer upgrading carried out for one month is indeed not enough to form a professional photographer. "I am confident that the hard work, perseverance and sincerity of the instructors and upgrading participants can produce skilled and ready photographers," he said.

    The Head of the National Military Supervisory Board hopes that the upgrading participants of journalistic photographers can gain knowledge about the photographer and be able to carry out tasks in their respective units, and are ready to be deployed in various assignments.

    "These upgrading participants can take advantage of this short time as well as possible, so that it can be optimal in an effort to improve capabilities in the field of photographer," he said. (R-07)



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