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    Supporters Put Prabowo Image on a Garuda Airplane

    Rabu, 10 Juli 2019, 05:06 WIB Last Updated 2019-07-09T22:06:22Z

      Supporters Put Prabowo Image on a Garuda Airplane

    SoloDaily.Id - The words appearing on the Garuda Indonesia fuselage carrying pilgrims with the words of thanks to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) became a byword on social media in the last two days. Now, a rival image appears showing a photo of Prabowo Subianto on the Garuda Indonesia airframe.

    In the picture, there is a picture of Prabowo Subianto in a hat and next to it is the inscription "Prabowo Subianto, We Are Proud of Being Part of Your Struggle".

    The image appeared on a Twitter account named Anna Suzann @Helloo_Anna on Monday (07/08/2019).

    "Of course you can?" the sound of the chirping that accompanied the picture.

    Of course the contents of the picture only protest, because it was an editing photo. The original photo is a photo of a Garuda Indonesia plane with a sticker that reads "Thank you, Mr. Jokowi, pray for us to be the Hajj Mabrur".

    The photo was then edited by removing the writing and replacing it with the words "Prabowo Subianto".

    Previously, the Management of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk. said he had written off a thank-you note to President Jokowi at the Garuda airframe after the procession of releasing the first flight departure for the Solo embarkation Jamaah was completed.

    PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk Vice President Corporate Secretary M. Ikhsan Rosan said that a thank you on the fuselage was made for the sake of the day of release.

    "After that the fuselage is cleaned again," he said on Monday (07/08/2019).

    According to him, the words of thanks on the fuselage were intended to illustrate the appreciation of the officers and pilgrims of the prospective pilgrims to the President who would formalize the release of worshipers from Solo to the Holy Land.

    However, according to Ikhsan, due to something and a changing schedule, President Jokowi did not release the pilgrims in  Solo. After the release event, Ikhsan confirmed that the plane had been cleaned again. (rls)



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