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    Sukoharjo Regency Government Is Ready To Carry Out Village Head Elections

    Kamis, 04 Juli 2019, 09:57 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-30T15:38:52Z
    Sukoharjo Regency Government

    BERITA SOLO  - The Sukoharjo District Government began preparing for the holding of village head elections (pilkades) simultaneously in 11 villages in Sukoharjo Regency. Because the tenure of village heads in 11 villages spread across seven sub-districts will end on November 9.

    The Head of the Sukoharjo Regional Government Regional Administration (Pemdes), Setyo Aji Nugroho, detailed the 11 villages as Karanganyar Village and Jatingarang Village in Weru District; Lengking Village in Bulu District; Jagan Village and Mertan Village in Bendosari District; Wonorejo Village in Polokarto District; Triyagan Village in Mojolaban District; Purbayan Village, Duwet Village and Gedongan Village in Baki District; and Jati Village in Gatak District.

    "There are 11 village heads serving in the period 2013 - 2019. Their positions will expire on November 9," he said, Wednesday (3/7).

    Towards the end of the term of office of 11 village heads, various preparations began to be made by Sukoharjo Regency Government. One of them prepared the Pilkades stage even though the implementation was still awaiting the certainty of the schedule according to the Regent's decision. Some of the preparations included technical matters such as the date of implementation.

    In addition, in the form of stages that must be met both by the village government and prospective village heads participating in Pilkades. Later, before the Pilkades is implemented, socialization will be carried out in the villages. This is important as a reference in holding a democratic party at the village level.

    Preparations were also made relating to safeguards for the implementation of Pilkades. Coordination will be carried out by the Regency Government and Sukoharjo Regional Police.

    "Seeing the term of office of village heads in 11 villages on November 9, it is likely that Pilkades will be held before that. It could be late October. But it also awaits the regent's decision, "he continued.

    Previously, the Sukoharjo Regency Government had discussed the implementation of the Pilkades against 11 villages whose term of office in 2019 would be postponed in 2020. This was because the central government regulations on the implementation of mass elections could be held with a minimum period of two years.

    Sukoharjo Regency Government itself has just held a mass election in 125 villages last December. However, the regulation may not apply if there is permission from the center and regional readiness.

    - Darmawan Jr


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