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    FKPPI 1135 Surakarta City: Time to forgive each other

    Senin, 01 Juli 2019, 19:40 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-28T18:05:21Z

     FKPPI 1135 Surakarta City

    BERITA SOLO - Chairman of FKPPI 1135 Surakarta City, Hino Sadono, delivered the right momentum for halal bihalal to maintain friendship and forgive each other.

    According to him, after the emergence of Ramadhan various political issues can be overcome with the synergy of the TNI-Polri.

    "This is the right moment to remind each other, give good enlightenment for the fate of the Indonesian nation in the future," he said, while attending halal bihalal in the official residence of the Deputy Mayor of Surakarta.

    Meanwhile Pasim Kodim 0735 Surakarta Captain Inf Gasar said, with halal bihalal, let's maintain unity and unity.

    "There is already a Constitutional Court decision, so there are no more groups, there is a unity to advance Indonesia and our hope is that FKPPI is a means of strengthening national unity not to be affected by negative things, "he said.

    Halal bihalal is a means for friendship in order to strengthen unity and unity in the community, the existence of elections that are identical with differences and disputes, post-election requires continuous and continuous friendship.

     - Riyanto



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