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    Babinsa Tipes Village Accompany Health Social Action

    Senin, 01 Juli 2019, 18:36 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-28T17:49:14Z
     Babinsa Tipes Village Accompany Health Social Action

    BERITA SOLO  - Health is a very important and invaluable thing for every individual. Everyone has the desire to get a healthy life. But sometimes there are many obstacles that can interfere with our health, both from the outside and inside. It's never too late to regain health. It's time to change your lifestyle to be healthier.

    The enthusiasm continued by "Babinsa" in the Village of Tipes Koramil 03 / Serengan, Sertu Sugiyono carrying out a social action program for health care for the citizens held by the Tipes and RS. Brayat Minulya, in the Multipurpose Building of Tipes Kec Serengan, Surakarta City (6/30/2019).

    Babinsa stated that the Tipes Urban Village community was so enthusiastic about attending the Health Social Action organized by the Hospital. Brayat Minulya. In this Social Health action activity includes counseling activities on the importance of healthy living and health checks, including, check Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Gout and other common diseases.

    The presence of Babinsa is always received positively and always gets a good appreciation by the community because with the support and motivation of Babinsa, the residents of Tipes flock to the event. Babinsa also advised the residents to always maintain their own body, family, and community health.

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