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    11 Villages in Sukoharjo Potential for Clean Water Crisis

    Jumat, 05 Juli 2019, 11:15 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-30T15:41:33Z

    BERITA SOLO - A total of 2,937 families or 9,737 people in 11 villages in Sukoharjo Regency have the potential to experience a clean water crisis during this dry season.

    Various efforts continue to be made by the Regency Government to anticipate and overcome the clean water crisis, by distributing clean water assistance to the red areas of the drought-prone zone.

    "We channeled clean water assistance to Kamal and Kunden Villages, Bulu District," said the Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Sukoharjo, Sri Maryanto when met by reporters in his office on Wednesday (03/07/2019).

    He said clean water aid was channeled because the region began to experience a water crisis. Requests for clean water assistance were also officially submitted by the local village government.

    At least there are hundreds of people in the areas of Kamal and Kunden Village, Bulu District which are experiencing a crisis of clean water.

    In addition to the region, it is also aware of the crisis of clean water in other locations. Based on the BPBD mapping, there were 2,937 families or 9,737 people in 11 villages spread across three sub-districts in Sukoharjo District, potentially experiencing a clean water crisis during this dry season.

    He said the coordination continued to be carried out by the BPBD involving the sub-district government, village government and RT / RW administrators in drought-prone areas. This is done to determine the development of residents' water stocks.

    "Some areas are mapped into drought subscriptions because they are located in highland or hilly areas, such as Bulu, Weru, and Tawangsari. "During the peak of the dry season, people have difficulty finding clean water in their area," he said.

    Water sources such as rivers and dams dry up. They rely on clean water supplies donated by donors or Sukoharjo regency government. Regarding dropping clean water assistance, BPBD Sukoharjo coordinates with the Regional Public Company (Perumda) Air Minum Tirta Makmur Sukoharjo (formerly named PDAM Sukoharjo).

    So far, he said that clean water assistance is not only from BPBD and Perumda Air Minum Tirta Makmur, but also assistance from several communities, corporate social responsibility (CSR) companies and others. It was predicted that the dry season would occur in August.

    "Usually the water aid sent is one tank containing around 4,000 liters. Assistance will be sent by the staff alternately to residents every four days," he said.

    Secretary of the District Head (Sekcam) Bulu, Heri Mulyadi, said that based on the mapping, there were four villages in the Bulu area which were prone to drought entering this dry season. The four villages are Sanggang, Gentan, Kamal, and Kunden Villages. Two villages of which are now starting to experience a clean water crisis, namely the villages of Kunden and Kamal. However, the clean water crisis can still be handled, meaning that people still rely on water and clean water assistance.

    "There has not been a drought until the well has dried up and searched for water sources in other locations. All can still be handled with wells and now get help from clean water from the police station," he said.

    According to him the existence of the well does not cover the entire village. In the future the government is committed to building wells in each village. This means that each village has a well and can be relied on to deal with clean water problems during the dry season.

    The well vehicle is considered important to meet the water needs of residents in Bulu Sub-district which are indeed in the drought-prone red zone. This is due to the condition of the barren region.

    He said the dry season this year came earlier than in previous years.

     - Darmawan Jr


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