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    Robert agrees Persib against FC Bhayangkara

    Kamis, 27 Juni 2019, 15:26 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-24T09:50:21Z

    BERITA SOLO - PT. The New Indonesia League publishes a letter from Persib which will host first when facing Bhayangkara FC. Maung Bandung was originally scheduled to travel to the Guardian headquarters in the sixth week of League 1 2019. But crowd permission for the match was difficult to publish by the Jakarta Police.

    Therefore the competition operator decided to change who the team played at home in the first round. Robert Rene Alberts has heard about the decision. For the match time itself does not change and will continue to be held on Sunday (30/6) future.

    "I got word this afternoon before the training that we would play in" Jalak Harupat "at 3:30 p.m. versus Bhayangkara. So we made preparations for that, "Robert told the media crew when interviewed at Saraga ITB Field on Wednesday (26/6).

    The coach also agreed with PT. The LIB changes the status of the host instead of delaying the fight. Because in this season Persib has experienced two match rescheduling, which is for the second and fourth week matches. The delay of the fight in Robert's eyes was not good because it ruined the rhythm of his team.

    So from that 64-year-old coach agreed to follow the operator's request. "Of course I have to agree because it's not good if this match must be postponed again," explained the former PSM Makassar coach.

    With this decision, Persib will play in front of his supporters for three matchday matches. Robert claimed this was an advantage for his troops because they would return to competing at home. For that he will try to organize each foster child in order to achieve victory.

    "Yeah because we didn't expect this before. Because we also have a problem with Ezechiel right now because of a shoulder injury, although I think he will be better. We will try our best to get them ready on Sunday, "he said.



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