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    Gerindra: Prabowo Commits to Keeping Democracy

    Jumat, 28 Juni 2019, 18:16 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-26T06:37:55Z

    BERITA SOLO - Fadli Zon, Deputy General Chairperson of the Gerindra Party explained that the Constitutional Court (MK) had finished reading the decision of the 2019 Presidential Election dispute. All of them had heard the final verdict in the Court.

    Since before the verdict was read, Fadli saw the public had two attitudes towards the verdict that would be read out by the Court.

    First, some of them can already guess the results. And second, some others hope there will be a surprise attitude from the panel of judges.

    The first attitude, he said, generally departs from 'conventional wisdom' that the Court will never leave the legal corridor of their event in resolving the Presidential Election dispute.

    "For them, the object of dispute over the Presidential Election is the result of an election, and that means the results of the KPU (General Election Commission) recapitulation. Although the Petitioners' Proxy Team has argued that the Election Results in the context of constitutional manuscripts are not merely the results of vote recapitulation, but involve two important elements, namely "Election Process" and "Voting Results", but this argument turned out to be unacceptable by the court, "Fadli said in a short message to reporters on Friday (6/28/2019).

    Meanwhile, the second attitude, according to Fadli, generally departs from optimism that perhaps there will be among the judges of the Court listening to the public anxiety that hopes that the Constitutional Court really has the duty to uphold the constitution, not just be a guardian of the law.

    Because, the Court does have the authority to overturn laws that conflict with the constitution. And in relation to the General Election, the constitutional duty of the Constitutional Court is to maintain the purity of the General Election, which is direct, general, free, confidential, honest and fair.

    "But last night we both heard the Constitutional Court's verdict. They have rejected all the requests of our legal team. So, the hopes of some people to the judge of the Court turned out to be unrequited," he explained.

    As part of the BPN (National Winning Body) Prabowo-Sandi, also as one of the leaders of the Gerindra Party, Fadli claimed to be disappointed because none of the evidence of fraud was accepted by the Court. Even so, he still respected the MK's decision.

    "Of course, disappointed to hear the decision. None of the evidence of fraud that we submitted was received by the Court. However, in the context of law and constitutionality, I respected the decision," he stressed.

    "Last night Pak Prabowo also made an official statement honoring the decision, even though the decision was actually disappointing," he concluded.

    Fadli assessed that Prabowo's statement last night was very good. First, Prabowo expressed his sympathy for the disappointment experienced by his supporters. However, Prabowo also said that however, all must obey the constitution. Regarding the matter of justice, Prabowo gave up the matter of truth and justice which was essential to Allah SWT.

    Furthermore, said Fadli, Prabowo also appealed to his supporters to remain enthusiastic in fighting for Indonesia.

    "We want to create a just and prosperous Indonesia. We want to create an Indonesia that is truly independent, politically independent, economically independent, and culturally independent. We want Indonesia's wealth to be enjoyed by all the people of Indonesia. We want to stop the flow of Indonesian wealth to "All this must be fought for even though it is not in the government," Fadli said, quoting Prabowo's statement.

    "I think it is a statement of a statesman. Unfortunately, this nation has lost the opportunity to be led by a qualified statesman, not a 'salesman', amateurs, or politicians who often talk carelessly or threaten their own children," said Fadli.

    In the future, whatever its position, Fadli emphasized that all parties must equally protect Indonesia.

    "And to safeguard Indonesia, we can do it by making our parliamentary institutions function. We do not want to go back to authoritarian times and the hegemony of the Government's power which is minus the control. It is Gerindra and Pak Prabowo's commitment to maintain democracy for Indonesia," concluded Fadli.

    Writing by Nabila
    Editing by Darmawan Jr



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