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    FPI Renovation of Christian Widow Homes in Tanah Karo

    Sabtu, 29 Juni 2019, 09:53 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-26T06:41:59Z

    BERITA SOLO - Susanah br. Ginting (47 years old) who is more familiarly called Sannah, widow of the residents of Selandi Village, Payong Subdistrict, Karo Land, kept shedding tears. It was not without reason, because the house he occupied with 4 small children was revitalized by the North Sumatra Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Home Surgery Team.

    "At first I did not believe, when the FPI gentlemen visited my house and asked me for permission to renovate the house. Because I am a Christian, but I agree that they don't feel offended, "Sannah explained in a tone of emotion.

    But over time more and more neighbors and residents congratulated him, gradually Sannah began to believe. Especially on Friday (05/05/2018) the group of North Sumatra FPI troops came and began to dismantle the house to be renovated.

    According to residents, Sannah, who is daily living and fulfilling her needs and four children working as harvest workers in the fields, with a salary of 40 thousand per day, is indeed eligible to receive the program. Because in addition to his very poor life, the assistance will provide new enthusiasm for all 4 children.

    And residents also greatly appreciated the decision of the North Sumatra FPI under the leadership of Sayed Hud Alatas who did not discriminate against religion in social and humanitarian programs.

    Separately, Sayed Hud Alatas, confirmed that the choice to renovate Sannah's house was purely in the name of humanity and had no other intentions or intentions. "There is no other intention. This is truly in the name of humanity. this has become his destiny, "he explained.

    "Initially, we announced that the renovation will be done after Ramadan (next month), considering that our funding has been running low. But God has other will. Sustenance cannot be detained. beyond our logic, after rumors of the renovation of the Sannah house being renovated by FPI reached the police. It turned out that the local police, even the North Sumatra Regional Police responded to our intentions, by sending their representatives to express their gratitude for this program in their work area. And asked the North Sumatra FPI not to refuse assistance in the form of material to renovate the Sannah house. For this support, we immediately began to dismantle and renovate it now, "added Sayed Hud Alatas.

    Sayed Hud Alatas also explained that the assistance prepared by the North Sumatra Regional Police was then forwarded to the Tanah Karo Regional Police Station to be submitted to the North Sumatra FPI in the form of building materials. And the Chairperson of the North Sumatra FPI DPD also hopes that this matter can later be continued into good cooperation between the North Sumatra North Sumatra Regional Police and the future North Sumatra FPI in the regions of North Sumatra. Outside the North Sumatra FPI home surgery program that had been running before.

    The Kutambaru community, especially in the village of Selandi Kecamatan, was very enthusiastic about the existence of FPI. Because since the first eruption of Mount Sinabung, FPI immediately went down and boarded at the location of the eruption. As well as giving a lot of assistance in the form of basic necessities, water machines, and other basic needs of the community that are very much needed.

    And now, the impact of the FPI home surgery program is able to knock the hearts of the surrounding residents to share with others in need.

    As stated by several residents who were interviewed, they generally felt very guilty all this time, because they simply believed in issues that said FPI was violent, radical, intolerant and others.

    For almost 3 months the North Sumatra FPI has been socializing in Karo, in fact FPI has been considered very friendly, upholds a sense of brotherhood and has high tolerance without discriminating between culture and race in community life in their midst.

    Source: hilalmerahindonesia
    Editor : Nabila Syakib



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